It's all about you

Our goal is to support each participant in driving their own journey

Disability Support 2U (also known as DS2U) is a family-owned business on the Central Coast of NSW, providing support to people from 5 years to 100 years.

For parents and carers, navigating the market in search of disability support services can be a daunting task. Over the last 5 years the number of service providers has exploded, making the choice even more difficult. DS2U started with a very simple philosophy that continues to shape its operations – that is, to consistently provide a professional, friendly face that supports our participants to live their best lives and remain engaged in our community.

Work with us

Focused on outcomes

Large providers, offering a variety of services, can sometimes lose participant focus in the ongoing search for efficiencies. At DS2U, our goal is to remain focused on consistent service delivery without compromise. We know our participants value this participant-centric approach. They want to see a regular, friendly face that knows their specific requirements, not a series of support workers unfamiliar with their circumstances.

Flexible services to meet the needs of plan managed and self managed participants.

Why choose DS2U?

Experience matters

We have an intimate understanding of the disability support industry.

We help you navigate the process of selecting and funding the services you need for your participant or loved one. We take the hassle out of the entire process and your personal support manager will ensure you have the support services needed for your specific situation.

Focused on participants

We make it personal.

Our services have been designed to support each participant in driving their own journey. As a participant, it is all about you, and together we will design a program that meets and exceeds both your requirements and expectations. We want to play a key role in supporting independent living and developing the social skills that are critical towards our participants’ achieving their goals.


This is one of the keys that sets us apart from many in our industry.

For us, consistency relates to the standards we set ourselves for everything from overall service delivery and cleanliness to staff continuity and personal relationships. Our team is ready to provide a constant source of support.  

Let's work together

Ideally all our engagements start with a face-to-face meeting where we can hear from you. Every participant’s situation is different so we use this meeting to determine how DS2U can best support you. From there we prepare a service agreement that documents the required services and standards that we will provide.

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